Why do I love Star Wars Battlefront so much?

I love playing Star Wars Battlefront to the extent that I’ve chalked up around 100 hours of gameplay this year… which for me is crazy high for me. In short… its Star Wars.

#SKSP Post Mortem

Reflections on a 24 hour gaming marathon of GTA, Duke 3D, Fruit Ninja, Rise of Nightmares, Sonic 1-3, Coronation Street, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Audiosurf, FIFA11 & Plants Vs Zombies

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – The current benchmark for online PC FPS games?

With Battlefield 3 just around the corner I felt that it would be apt to take a few moments to break down why this is a fine title and a great example of an online action title. I’ll also be looking at weaknesses and how they could be improved.

How the combat has developed in APB & APB: Reloaded

We all knew that APB’s combat wasn’t up to it at launch, but how has it developed now that APB: Reloaded’s launch approaches?