Gaming for charity – Sick Kids Save Point

Please donate!

I recently decided to take part in the Sick Kids Save Point charity event, raising money for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation who support the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Scotland. It will involve a 24 hour gaming marathon.

The focus of my marathon will be completing my favourite game from my younger days, Grand Theft Auto. To provide some variety I will be playing other games that I’ve enjoyed down the years and I’ll also be playing the Kinect to keep me nice and healthy. As for which games… well rather than more text, here’s a video!

To offer some amusement (hopefully) for those kind enough to donate, I’ll be doing a few extra things to stick online depending on how much is raised:

  • £50: I’ll do a write-up of the day’s exploits
  • £75: Create a montage video for Youtube & Game Trailers
  • £100: Streaming live to the interwebs at set times
  • £125: Expanded montage with a mini video diary
  • £150: I’ll take requests of god awful games and stream playing them! *
  • £175: Video diary over the coming weeks in the build up to the the day.
  • £200: Video footage of me making a prat out of myself on the Kinect.
  • £300: Should I manage to raise a whopping £300 I will actually dress up as a ninja and record some footage of playing Fruit Ninja Kinect… then put it up on Youtube for people’s amusement!

* Within reason… maximum of cost of 5% of total raised.

Throughout the day expect updates on Twitter and you can keep up by following @develion or searching the hash tag #SKSP.

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