I’ve played games from an early age and became increasingly passionate about them. As a naturally competitive individual, I like the challenge and reward of winning and succeeding. This has led to me studying a games course at University and after graduating, joining the games industry. Originally I was a QA Tester for the online title APB but went on to become a Gameplay Designer. Whilst I have moved on from working in games professionally, I still love playing them as well as making my own in my spare time.

I currently have a Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Dreamcast and laptop along with a laptop, Android Phone, Android tablet, iPad and Windows Phone 8. My games collection is rather/worrying large with a wealth of titles from Littlebigplanet to FIFA to Star Wars Battlefront. Whilst quite varied in my choice of games, I do like simple raw fun. I find too many games try to innovate by creating overly complex and unrequired features. However what annoys me more is Generic Shooter 7 that creates a heavily scripted and generic gameplay experience (yes I’m looking at you CoD).

I am using this blog as a means to rant and ramble on, as well as praise games that I feel are doing things a little different. My main goal is just to keep myself thinking about and trying to understand the mechanisms in games because whilst I might not see the industry as a profession for me, I still want to learn more.