Bacto was not a good game to play when sleep deprived

During my #SKSP marathon I played a game with a very low rating on XBLIG. It wasn’t awful, but wasn’t very engaging.

Deja vu during my shot of Date the Boss

During my 24 hour gaming marathon I played a combination of classic and awful games. One of the games picked from the awful category was

I enjoyed my shot of Sonic World Adventure during #SKSP

I enjoyed my brief experience of Sonic World Adventure, combining speed with an interesting setting.

Air War bored me during #SKSP

As part of #SKSP (a 24 hour gaming marathon) I played a bunch of games that looked awful based pretty much on cover art and the name, which combined with the rating meant Air War was a perfect looking addition.

A brief shot of Sonic the Fighters during #SKSP

During the weekend of October 12th 2015 I took part in the 6th Sick Kids Save Point – a 24 hour gaming marathon raising money

During #SKSP I couldn’t resist a shot of Command & Conquer: Generals

I always loved playing RTS games when I was younger, and recently have reignited my love of the games so during my 24 hour gaming marathon I couldn’t resist having a go of my favourite series – Command & Conquer.

A shot of Sonic Adventure during #SKSP

Having been disappointed and frustrated by my experiences of the 2D Sonic games, I was still keen to play the available 3D games. This included