Are short games like Brothers such a bad thing?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a pretty short game, lasting about 4 hours. This is about the same as my indie title “Invertical”,

Batman: Arkham Origins – Predator & Challenges

I do love the Batman: Arkham series and recently got the most recent title, Arkham Origins. I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss

Dungeon Defenders – Hard to get in to, harder to stop playing

At first I found this game very hard to get in to. It was a bit overwhelming and pretty difficult. Once you get past the initial wall of information, there is a fun and addictive game to be found.

Why Saints Row the Third is the best open world game that I’ve played

Whilst not perfect, the open world environment for Saints Row: The Third completely surpasses what is supposedly the king, GTA.