2017 – So many games to play (alone)!

I do love my video games and I’m really excited about the great games that I’ll get to play over the next year.

For the most part I expect to continue playing my Xbox One. I’ve still got a few boxed games to complete and thanks to Games with Gold there’s about 50 more games waiting to be played. I also hope to make a dent in the Xbox 360 and PS3 games that I’ve barely played. Finishing my Minecraft world, Doom , The Walking Dead, and Rayman are key priorities but I want to find the courage for another go at Alien Isolation, blast through some FPS games and have a few longer adventures.

Late last year I picked up a Gear VR and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. I expected it to feel cheap and tacky, ending up as a novelty on the shelf but everything worked very well and I felt very immersed. Some of the games that I tried out were quite enjoyable, although lacking a controller did have an impact. As my new Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth I’ll be keen to try some more games before possibly getting a new controller for my Samsung devices. I can see some real potential in it and I hope that once I’ve ticked off some of my current in progress games to explore it some more.

My new gaming toys

The other day I also got myself a Nintendo NES Classic. I really enjoyed having a go of the old classics, in particular how the games are so quick to play. Often with console games I find that you need to play them for a decent chunk of time and there’s an element of commitment to picking up a new game, however the arcade nature of the NES Classic means that I can just pick it up and have a wee play for 10-15 minutes. Modern console games just don’t have that immediacy as it can take that long just to get the console booted and into a game.

It was fun playing it with my wife and having struggled to find new and fun games to play together, I see this being a great opportunity to spend time together whilst feeling like kids again!

No doubt I’ll be playing Pokemon Go a lot over the next year! I’ve grand ideas that I’ll try and get out for 1-2 hours walks each week just collecting Pokemon and battling gyms, although that will likely wait until the summer… unless I we’re still stuck with the same lacking gameplay.

My Steam collection has about 200 games waiting to be played

So far I’ve not mentioned one new game that I intend to get. As mentioned earlier, I have loads of games to play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and not forgetting my MASSIVE Steam collection. In fact providing there’s no hardware failures, my current games collection can entertain me for many years to come, at least with console & PC gaming. With so many already in my collection I’m making it a resolution to not buy any new single player / online only multiplayer Xbox One games. However what I’m lacking is new local multiplayer gameplay. The future of local multiplayer on Xbox One looks relatively bleak and we’ve played my 360 games quite a bit.

What would be great is a more modern Nintendo console. Games like Mario Kart & Splatoon are exactly the sort of games that I want to be adding to my collection for myself and my wife to play. There’s been times over the past 6 months when I’ve considered a Wii U but I’ve thought “no”. I have been convinced that the Switch was the answer to this.

Sadly the news on launch titles aren’t all that great. There’s pretty much nothing aside from some basic party games and Zelda. As awesome as I’m sure Zelda is, I’m not looking for to buy any epic long single player games. Within a couple of months there looks to be enough worthwhile titles to justify a purchase but given I’m not interested in buy Zelda (yet) and certainly going to spend £60 on a novelty party game (£20 maybe…), paying £280 to pre-order a console with no games is a non-starter.

I fear that not pre-ordering means that you’re waiting a long while before you can get a Switch. Given most the big titles are just refreshes of titles on Nintendo’s other platforms I can see myself dithering over a Wii or Wii U, which will inevitably become much cheaper, but ultimately ending up with no new Nintendo, and no new local multiplayer games…

So yeah, to summarise I have absolutely loads of exciting games to be playing over the next year, even if none are big new releases. There will even be some VR fun experiencing the so called future of gaming. However the need for local multiplayer is still there but the prospects seem just as bleak as last year.

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