Pokemon Go fiddles with itself

Pokemon Go has had a server side update seeing the stats of Pokemon get buffed or nerfed, some quite radically.

At first I wasn’t too impressed. The Pokemon that I’ve spent some of the most stardust on were largely nerfed, meaning having finally gotten close to being competitive and actually holding in gyms (I picked the wrong team!), it might now be even harder. Making such significant changes where some Pokemon have been massively buffed and some heavily nerfed is surprising. Given that Stardust is rather expensive to use, it doesn’t seem quite right to effectively undermine the player’s previous efforts. Bad form!

Before and after (no powering up in between)
Before and after (no powering up in between)

However after a little thought, even if it will be worse for me personally in the short term, this is actually quite an interesting step. One of my beefs with gyms is that they tend to be dominated by the same strong Pokemon. This can lead to a lack of diversity so if Niantic are thinking of changing things about every few months then it will lead to more variety in Pokemon battles.

That said, why the hell they buffed Snorlax & Dragonite I have no idea! Given they were already the top picks to hold a gym, surely making them even stronger seems counter-intuitive from a balancing and variety point of view?

On top of that, I’ve been collecting plenty Pokemon but some looked like they’d never get used in a battle. Weedles, Krabbies and Shelders are exceptionally common but even fully evolved and powered up have never been a useful Pokemon for battling. However if this is a sign of things to come then each (fully evolved form) Pokemon could have a chance to be of use.

This is all on the assumption that Niantic is planning on continuing to mix things up a little. If they’ve done it just as a rebalancing, not only is it a bit of a dick move but I fail to see how the changes improve the game overall.

Regardless, massively changing the stats of Pokemon with zero in game messaging is pretty shocking. Players should never be surprised that their in game assets have suddenly changed substantially! Next time how about a sodding popup message?

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