A shot of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Feeling weary on a Sunday afternoon me and my partner decided to have a look at Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, something that I picked up for free through Xbox Games with Gold a few months ago.

We were pleasantly surprised by the game.

As expected there’s cut scenes and looking for evidence & clues. The characters seem well done with bits of humour mixed in with a variety of intriguing NPCs. The note keeping, maps and other UIs are certainly better than the most similar game that I’ve played, L.A. Noire. With the addition of spotting clues with the words floating along the ground, or making connections in the mind give the game a real Sherlock feel. Sure, the style is very much stolen from the BBC show but to me that is a good thing. It all helps build the Sherlock world and helps immerse you.

My one criticism is that out of the two crimes that we (successfully) solved together, I didn’t feel like I had evidence to prove that someone was guilty. Some elements seem circumstantial and whilst it makes the decision on who to arrest harder, it would be nice to sentence someone to death only when beyond reasonable doubt.

358828694We did both agree that it was better than LA Noire for the conclusions. There were more options, you needed you link the clues together to map out the story. We were talking through the decisions and felt more like we had to “solve” the puzzles, rather than completing the mission. We felt more ownership of the decision, even if the evidence wasn’t as concrete as we might have liked.

The game is gorgeous and whilst sometimes a little clunky to control, it is very well put together. I’m looking forward to unlocking the deerstalker and solving a few more crimes!

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