Stealth launching a piece of shit

I recently discussed my return to San Paro with the Xbox One release of APB: Reloaded. Long story short, the build is a complete mess.

However I think that is expected. The game was a soft launch, assuming to get some stability testing and feedback in. Effectively a beta. This is fair enough, although the game still feels pretty raw and there’s plenty bugs that should have been fixed first. The memory, FPS & stability issues are fair enough for a beta but not the bugs.

A big issue is that the game isn’t branded as a beta and to someone browsing the Xbox One store it looks like a fully finished game so players will expect that. They’ll be very disappointed.

Other than the performance issues, the game can be kind of fun but its such a huge barrier. I’m enjoying playing but dying because the game freezes at a key time, or having your vehicle constantly veering off due to frame rate issues is just not fun. Given the customisation adds such a huge amount to the game, displaying default guy or heavily simplified textures to reduce memory usage takes away quality and replaces it with shite.

Some people will see through this and see a game they can like in the hope that it improves. Sadly more people may be put off. Some won’t have the patience to keep returning to check out the game. Some will find that not only is the game “not for them” but a bit of a mess. Some folk will also find it laughable. They will mock and sadly that is what will grab bigger headlines and more views than “APB:Reloaded – Fun but needs a lot of work”.

Which means the main thing that you’ll find with a Google for “APB: Reloaded Xbox One” is this:

Note: The video is a poor review and is an example why I find Eurogamer to be waaaay overrated.

Sadly there’s very few videos out there of people enjoying the game. Being poor performance makes this harder to demo but also the bugs make it easier to sensationalise and the first impression is one that the game is a turd. Getting people to see it as a WIP instead is a hard sell, but can be sold however when you read the store description or load the game the emphasis on “thanks for trying APB:R – we’ll get this fixed soon” just isn’t made.

Why oh why didn’t you call it a Beta?

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