Sunset Overdrive does love its unlocks

I found Sunset Overdrive to be absolutely great fun but one gripe I have with the game is the number of systems that they have.

There’s four categories of things to earn that each are used to unlock / buy / upgrade different types of items (money, overdrive, collectibles & badges). These can then be used to improve various stats or add further functionality to an already zany and colourful game.

For example they have some really fun and zany weapons that also have levels and can be upgraded with amps that give them an extra functional edge. This seems to over-complicate a pretty good weapons system. For example when you’ve got a weapon that fires explosive teddy bears, is adding an ability to freeze the area around it worthwhile? The weapons are all really fun yet they’ve added a layer on top. It just seems unnecessary and if anything is detrimental to the original weapon. I would be more keen on the “zany” amps if the original weapons were pretty generic.

Going beyond the weapons, I can also have amps for several other attributes like melee. Performing actions in game like grinding, killing etc earns you badges which can be used to buy or upgrade overdrives.

I’ve played Sunset Overdrive a LOT yet there’s so much scope for me to further improve. I’m no where near my maximum level of power yet I’ve pretty much ran out of content. This doesn’t seem right. Replaying missions is rather easy now that I’ve got all my weapons up to at least level 4 of 5 plus have decent amps and overdrive etc.

My biggest challenge with completing & unlocking everything in the game is simply not being challenged.

They’ve added so many metrics too improve that you are unlikely to ever experience the maximum effect. It would have been really cool if the final few missions pretty much required me to be kitted out with well powered weapons but that just wasn’t the case.


Or maybe its just me.

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