I played Ask My Avatar Winter – but why?

As part of my 24 hour gaming marathon I played some awful games. Ask My Avatar Winter was selected as it looked boring and pointless, plus I was a little curious.

xboxboxart[1]It was just boring and pointless. The actual setting, mood and pottering about having meaningless conversations… fair enough. Its relaxing and there could be some interest if the NPCs were interesting. However they just asked Yes/No questions. There was no consequence and I didn’t learn anything. From my understanding of the T&C and API of developing XBL Indie Games, they can’t have just been doing a survey to harvest data (and there’s surely an easier way)… so why was I playing this game?

No seriously… why? Why was this game made? Why might someone buy it? Why?

This was played at about 11:30am so I would have been awake for over 24 hours and over 20 hours into the marathon.

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