Bacto was not a good game to play when sleep deprived

As part of #SKSP (a 24 hour gaming marathon) I played a bunch of games that looked awful based pretty much on cover art and the name, although Bacto was added purely on the rating.

The actual gameplay was okay. You are a white cell defending against bacteria, which plays a little bit against a twin stick shooter, except without the shooting. Your attack is very close range, meaning rather than spinning away from the enemies you need to get up close and personal. There’s a few special abilities to go on the offensive. The game plays relatively well and it surprised me that this was the lowest rated on the store out of all the games in my “awful XBLIG trials” challenge. It was a little slow paced and desperately lacked music, but other than that it was a decent little game.

The lack of pace and music was a killer for me though. When you’ve been up for 24 hours it can be a bit much. Even a mellow track would have created a greater sense of immersion.

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