I enjoyed my shot of Sonic World Adventure during #SKSP

Having been disappointed and frustrated by my experiences of the classic 2D, Sonic Adventure had given me a little bit of a lift. Next up I played a game that I’d never heard of before – Sonic World Adventure. What I didn’t realise was that this is just Sonic Unleashed with a different name, a game that I’d heard negative things of.

To be honest, from playing the demo I’m not entirely sure why.

There was only one level to play but it was pretty lengthy. I found myself running through a very European city. The game was nice and fast, maybe too much for my crummy abilities (especially when you’ve been awake for 24 hours) and the controls felt decent. The scenery was very cool and I really liked the setting, even if it was a little too white at times.

So yeah, from a limited exposure I enjoyed this game. If it wasn’t for already having Sonic Generations then I’d have possibly even bought the full game to play a little more as it was my favourite Sonic game of the marathon at this point (aside from Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing), event beating the Chemical Plant which had great highs but also many¬†lows.¬†Perhaps someone can tell me why this game is awful? I recall hearing of a Sonic game with a crap story and beastiality (!?!?!?) so maybe thats it.

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