Air War bored me during #SKSP

As part of #SKSP (a 24 hour gaming marathon) I played a bunch of games that looked awful based pretty much on cover art and the name, which combined with the rating meant Air War was a perfect looking addition.

xbox_boxartThe artwork was poor, but given this was maybe made by one chap doing this for a hobby, I find that forgivable. The controls however were very poor making it relatively inaccurate and unnatural to play, which is less forgivable. This has a significant impact on the fun. Additionally the enemies were uninspiring to fight and if anything to make matters worse, most of them were static on the ground. This meant they as you adjust yourself to aim at the target, you are flying straight into the ground. The ideal way to fight these was to be on the ground, which makes it pointless to fly. I wished that I had a tank!

So yeah, the game was kind of boring and lacked any punch, although at least the music was kinda cool!

This was played at about 11am so I would have been awake for over 24 hours and ~20 hours into the marathon.

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