A shot of Scarlet the Zombie Slayer during #SKSP

This looked like a poorly made side scrolling hack n’ slash game with typical skimpy outfits making the game perfect for my spree of “terrible looking XBLIG titles” during my 24 hour SKSP marathon.

Except the game was actually kind of fun. Kind of.

The graphics were poor but these seemed pretty intentional. The animations looked to be deliberately bad in order to provide amusement. I did enjoy it. The gameplay was simple but easy to pick up and play. It looked like there were decent enough building blocks for a story, at least for a game where it clearly isn’t going to be about delivering a compelling and immersive tale.

Of course if the game is meant to be quality then it fails miserable but all in all, I kind of enjoyed playing Scarlet the Zombie Slayer. It wasn’t great but it had its charm.

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