During #SKSP I couldn’t resist a shot of Command & Conquer: Generals

I always loved playing RTS games when I was younger, and recently have reignited my love of the games (thanks Civ!) so during my 24 hour gaming marathon I couldn’t resist having a go of my favourite series – Command & Conquer.

It was fun doing a few skirmishes, although my approach tends to be the same and I found it a touch easy – however being sleep deprived I didn’t want to ramp up the challenge too much! In hindsight I wish that I’d upped the challenge a little bit or tried an older game. Red Alert had such a huge impact on me but it kept crashing when I tried to record so I stuck with Generals.

Generals is a pretty solid game for Skirmish mode (I like the whole “several sides stuck on an island” scenario to than missions). Unlike the dreadful Red Alert 3, the units and buildings were all pretty logical. Everything made sense and I could battle without having to learn the nuances. It was more sophisticated than the older C&C games with different special abilities, leveling up etc but I’m unsure if that actually improved the game. At its heart, it is still same old Command and Conquer. This is a good thing!

So yeah, I’ll keep this article short. The game was pretty solid and fun. I liked that it wasn’t too far fetched and I could just dive in to a Skirmish battle.

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