Black Friday tears me apart

For just over a year now I’ve really wanted a new Xbox and ever since I found out that I couldn’t buy Arkham Knight on Xbox 360/PS3, that increased somewhat.

However I have a wedding to save for and plenty games so I vowed to wait. I have patiently waited saying “I’ll get one in the Black Friday sales”. I’m not expecting a super cheap deal, just to save a few quid to make it easier to excuse myself forking out when I’m saving. Then the Black Friday week approached and I was delighted to see that I could get an Xbox One plus FIFA 16 for £250. If only I could get a bundle with maybe Star Wars Battlefront or an extra controller that would be amazing! Then the deals spring up. A bit dearer than I’d like or just not games that I’m desperate for. But they are great deals. Tempting. However I’ve loads of great games that I’ve still to play, so I waited for the ideal bundle. I saw tempting ones come and go. It stressed me out, but I decided to wait and not make a rash purchase. Something perfect, or just the FIFA bundle which was cheap.

Then my backup plan bundle went up in price. Bugger. Then my last resort, the FIFA bundle went up. NOES!

It is now the day before Black Friday. I’m not feeling confident about getting a great deal on the day – the stores will be busy from early on – so do I just make do? ARGHHHH! My mind is broken.

Then I see Game’s deals. Amazing – great bargains. But 10 days delivery? I’ve worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy.

Its nearly 9:30pm and there’s a GAME store near me opening soon so like a complete chump I’m about to go to a shop. I should be going to the pub at this hour but all caught up in this consumer exploitation and madness, I’m going to the shops…

I’m an idiot. A chump.

Why oh why did I decide to wait for Black Friday? This is a horrible time. I wouldn’t advise planning to make purchases on Black Friday!

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