A shot of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down during #SKSP

During my 24 hour gaming marathon as part of Sick Kids Save Point I decided to relive one of my favourite games – Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

In truth it was mainly the multiplayer that I played non-stop rather than the single player, but it was still fun to play. As modern FPS games become more and more sophisticated and/or intense roller coaster experiences, playing a Delta Force game was refreshing and fun.

dfbhd-screen_16The game actually starts with a mission not out of place in a Call of Duty game. Mounted on a humvee we are blasting our way through Somalia, blowing up anything in sight. Whilst the game does tend to punish you for killing civillians (often meaning failing the mission), being dated graphics it can be hard to identify whether an object in the distance is an armed enemy, a civilian or a shrub. However the game does tend to be designed to ensure that civilians are always up close and personal, meaning if in doubt… shoot!

During the opening mission there is a short sequence where you are on foot and can choose your own approach but in general the game starts very much on rails. In fact compared to my memory of Delta Force games, quite a lot of the game in on rails.

When the game frees you up and lets you pick your own approach is when the game was at its best. I may be told to go clear out a building across a square, but whether I snipe to clear enemies, dash between cover or just try and run ‘n gun my way through is up to me. I tended to go pretty direct, relying on the AI to clear up any enemies that I miss (note to self, do that article on AI!)

Before wrapping up I wanted to revisit something I touched on earlier.

I loved the film Team America and the way that is spoofed the whole “America, Fuck Yeah” whilst rolling into town blowing shit up and killing any “towel head” (who are incompetent) with any civilians just running around going “durka durka”.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down had a lot of this, just not with the satire. It was trying to create an exciting experience rolling into town, blowing shit up and killing the waves of useless enemies. Only the Americans were any use – everyone else is just a useless lower class of race. Not good!

Yes, you did have to avoid killing civilians but beyond that it was pretty shocking. However saying that, charging along in a humvee whilst manning a 50cal with guitar music playing was fun. I look back hating myself for loving the “fuck yeah, lets kill everyone!” attitude… but I did love it.

I’ll wrap up by saying that I’d love to see a new Delta Force game one day (I think 2009 was the last release!). They have always been fun to play and their flexibility in how you approach a mission is something I really appreciate, rather than trying to create a consistent experience by heavily directing the player.

I’ve not played Delta Force: Xtreme much (I didn’t like the addition of vehicles), perhaps a shot is due?

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