“Real Evil” delivers frustration, laughter and thats about it

My expectation was that Real Evil would be the sort of poorly made, low budget game that you can laugh at, mock and secretly enjoy. This game did not disappoint. It was so bad that I wanted to play the trial twice.

So what is the game? Well it is a bit of a survival horror where you are a robot cast into the real world, I suppose trying to figure out why you’re there and I’m guessing get home or something. I never really got that engaged with the plot to be honest!

vlc 2015-10-23 21-59-00-28What made is an interesting looking game to play is that the levels were photos of (I assume) the developer’s house. Quite novel and I liked the idea. However in reality it wasn’t so much fun. The fixed camera positions meant that you pretty much always had a poor view of your player’s direction and moving about was cumbersome. In particular moving between rooms could be very disjointed. This made the game quite frustrating to play.

Exploring and interacting with the environment looked to have a lot of “in jokes” that folk who play the developer’s other XBLIG titles might get (they are producing about half the games on the market!) but I didn’t.

The zombie enemy was crummy looking and fighting them was very awkward and again, disjointed and cumbersome with the poor camera angles and slow/unresponsive feeling controls. Dying due to clumsy gameplay isn’t fun. However the death screen was pretty funny, making me laugh out loud so what the heck, lets say that evens itself out.

Then there’s what came running at me out of the closet… BAHAHAHAHAA! Oh my it was so crummy that I couldn’t contain myself.

So yeah, the game is pretty crappy in terms of how it all fits together. The presentation is half baked, the controls awful and the camera is bloody annoying but the setting is interesting and the crumminess of the monsters is hilarious! (I’m assuming this is intentional)

I’d recommend having a shot of this game. Don’t expect anything great, you’ll get far from that, but you should be entertained. With XBLIG trials, at worst you’ll just lose a few minutes of your life… which if you’ve bothered reading the entirity of this blog probably doesn’t amount to much.

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