A shot of a terrible game called “3 Days of Nurse Fanny” during #SKSP

As part of #SKSP (a 24 hour gaming marathon) I played a bunch of games that looked awful based pretty much on cover art and the name. This included 3 Days of Nurse Fanny. Oh dear…

vlc 2015-10-24 15-43-22-81So the gameplay is a rip off from another game that I forget the name of. You keep an eye out from someone via security cameras and hide (well close your eyes) when they are near. This game is set in a hospital and you are recovering. It will take 3 days to recover so long as you don’t get excited and apparently seeing Nurse Fanny approach would be too much for you. However there’s security cameras that you can monitor to close your eyes when she enters. The is all told to you through a very poor cut scene. Apparently staring at her in revealing positions isn’t too exciting or risky for your condition…

So that’s the game. You keep an eye out for her through different cameras, although she doesn’t always seem to move between them in the order you’d expect meaning she can be lost. The key gameplay aspect is looking up the skirt of the nurse, or down her cleavage. That’s it.

They could have at least used a rendering effect to make it look like the footage was viewed through a security camera!

I have nothing positive to say about the game so I’ll leave it there.

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