The Chemical Plant toys with me during a #SKSP shot of Sonic 2

During my 24 hour gaming marathon I found Sonic the Hedgehog to be a little underwhelming experience and as the clock showed that I’d been up for 24 hours I felt weary starting up Sonic 2, but oh boy, Chemical Plant can be fun!

vlc 2015-10-21 20-42-32-01It is fast. At least a third to a half of the game is constant moving. Then there’s the soundtrack. My word it is awesome and probably my favourite background music from any game (alternatively Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing – more on that in another article). At times the game can be so intense and I am absolutely buzzing whilst playing it. Such fun!

However it wasn’t all great, even ignoring the first chapter. The Chemical Plant gameplay is broken up with some slower sections where you are patiently switching between platforms or perming some well timed jumps. Whilst on itself much of this gameplay can be fun, it is often immediately on the back of very fast gameplay. Given how much fun the fast gameplay is, any slow sections aren’t going to be particularly welcome and especially when it is very abrupt!

So yeah – it was really good fun playing Chemical Plant but I didn’t like the slow sections, especially when they are immediately on the back of some of the most wonderful intense platformer gameplay I’ve played in a while.

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