Game for the Weekend: Trick or Treat

This week’s Game for the Weekend (a feature I hope to revive) is Trick or Treat. Get your spook on when trying to make your through a free Halloween themed puzzle platform game.

The game is played in two different worlds, the lands of Trick and Treat. In one world there’s cakes, chocolate, toys and other goodies to collect but there’s no clear route through the world so you’ll need to switch to the world of Trick, which is full of monsters and other dangers. This means you’ll have some puzzle solving to figure out the route through levels, plus there will be an extra layer of platforming complexity as you switch between the two worlds.

The game is a little bit cobbled together, I did most the art and the controls aren’t perfect so don’t expect wonders but for a free game it should keep you amused for half an hour or so! You can get it on iPhone & iPad, Windows Phone 8, Android, Ubuntu (yes, Ubuntu) and of course Windows PC.

New Trick or Treat screenshots New Trick or Treat screenshots

If you like it, check out Invertical on PC or Invertical Touch on iPhone / iPad.

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