A shot of “The Sexy Exorcist” during #SKSP

During my 24 hour gaming marathon I played a combination of classic and awful games. One of the games picked from the awful category was “The Sexy Exorcist”.

webboxartHaving done zero research into the game itself the decision was purely based on the name and cover art. To describe the cover art as cringeworthy would be an understatement! My two biggest frustrations with the XBLIG Marketplace are that nearly half the games look like clones where “looks like Minecraft” seems to be a key decision. My other big frustration is that most the other games are about half naked girls so that the game appeals to teenage boys and chaps in their 30s who one day hope to see real boobies. The cover art for this game certainly the latter box!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most likely a poorly made RPG where I am constantly flirting with young sexy girls. I was half right. The game is actually pretty nicely put together. The UI looks decent and in general the engine used to put the game together is pretty darn good for a XBLIG title. Whilst each room had version little to do, there was an easy progression into the game and the odd bit of humour. What I really liked was the quality of the character art and the environments were well done as well. The artist(s) certainly have talent. However that is it for the positives because ultimately this is a dreadful game.

Not for gameplay reasons or actual quality but the choice of characters and dialog. Why is the cleric a young lass? Why is every character that I meet in the trial version of the game a young attractive female? This is probably meant to be a role playing game but there’s very little exploration of characters. They all seem paper thin characters to flirt with. Nothing more.

It is sad really. There’s some talent behind the game but it is wasted on gumpf like this. However what annoys me most about this game isnt that the design decisions I criticise were taken but instead that people out there will be actually buying this game.

Deary me…

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