A shot of Bad Bunny during #SKSP

For my Sick Kids Save Point 24 hour gaming marathon raising money for the charity “Sick Kids Friends Foundation” I ran poll for an awful game, or more specifically a game that I won’t like playing. Playing several XBLIG that looked horrible was second placed (first placed was Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hot Pot Recipe).

badbunnyxboxboxartMy partner and I picked a bunch of games, excluding games that look like poor versions of the types of games that I love and might still enjoy. Due to the low rating on the store, we added Bad Bunny to the list. This was the second of the “Terrible XBLIG” titles that I played.

In truth, this wasn’t that horrible to play. The gameplay was very limited and repetitive but it wasn’t painful. It was just a very simple missile defense style game where I was blasting bunnies as they flew by. The lack of gameplay was improved by the silliness of the bunnies and later I encountered cats in planes. This is the sort of quirky nonsense that I’ve grown to like from XBLIG titles.

The music and sound effects were pretty horrendous though. That said, I can’t really criticize as they are similar to my intentionally daft game “The Legendary Tales of the Heroic Dan McSpikerton”.

One final thing though. What does the artwork have in common with the game?!

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