A shot of “Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hot Pot Recipe” during #SKSP

For my SKSP 24 hour gaming marathon I put up a list of games that I’d find horrendous to play and people comprehensively voted for Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hot Pot Recipe.

Playing the game was, as expected, a frustrating and horrible experience. However I wanted to talk about why.

I did not want to find this!
I did not want to find this!

Whilst I found the plot very boring, I know that I don’t watch the show therefore a lot of the references will have been lost on me and perhaps what seemed like a monotonous and pointless conversation would help immerse a fan of the show who are more familiar with the characters and their conversations. However the delivery of the story was dreadful. There’s no character voice overs, just text. As I say, I’m not a fan of the show but having actual conversations would have helped rather than text about who is doing the tea run. Even this could have been forgivable if the art was well done but they must have had stock photos for the characters which were used even if the context seemed wrong or the character was cropped! You could have half an arm missing and they still used the picture. I would also like to note that the quantity of time put into working for other people’s businesses and giving away freebies was crazy. Despite many visits to shops, cafes etc not once did money exchange hands.

I want to move on to gameplay though. The first level sets you up for the most run of the mill hidden object games there is, but this is a bit misleading. Very soon you find out that the hidden objects aren’t just scattered around the room making them hard to spot but also they are transparent and re-sized. Yes. Transparent and re-sized. You may be looking for a 4 foot long needle that is barely visible along the side of a counter or maybe teeny tiny weights placed over a vase. Its a bit like playing Where’s Wally if he had Predator’s cloaking mechanism. This is just terrible. It breaks from expectations in a hidden object, but not in a good way. We can expect items to be hard to find, but they should still be the original items. Instead of looking for shoes, bottles, needles etc the game ends up being a case of looking for objects that look a little funny. Why does the door not look entirely symmetrical? Because one side has a rotated, transparent giant shoe on it. NO! NO! NO!

Anyway, I’ll shut up now as I have a video that demonstrates some of my points.

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