Playing the villian of a LEGO game

There are many games out there where you play as a villian battling against other villians or you can take the moral choice of being good or evil (usually with a plot fighting villians), however they are usually relatively dark games. I’d really like to see a LEGO game put the player in the role of the bad guy.

As I recently discussed, one of the best things about the LEGO games is smashing stuff up. However playing as a goodie two shoes like Captain America and going on a rampage throughout the city is hardly in character. Nonetheless, it is fun to smash things and thats what you do. Entering a shop to collect an item and smashing everything in sight would make much more sense if my character was intended to be a bastard.

A heat or wanted level system similar to GTA style games could also be implemented in open world gameplay with police coming after you if you smash up too many structures or cars plus of course for any pedestrians killed. Then it can escalate with SWAT teams and/or the army and of course the characters from that game’s franchise. Hitting a certain point results in a *very* hard to win boss fight with a character like the Hulk, Batman or a Jedi etc.

The more substantial side quests would also make more sense. Rather than turning up to yet-another-ambush or event in progress, I could be problem solving how to get into the safe. When the fighting begins, it could be a superhero turning up. Heck you could even make them a corrupt government official. The main goal could even be to assert yourself as *the* bad guy by defeating someone who is properly evil.

I doubt it would happen, but it would be pretty neat to have a fun and light hearted game where you play as a villain. LEGO games in particular would be perfect given how satisfying smashing stuff up can be!


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