Likely games for my #SKSP marathon

It is just a few weeks until my 24 hour gaming marathon, raising money for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

I’m absolutely delighted that so far I’ve raised enough to meet the stretch goal amounts for three of my four polls, meaning I’ll be playing one of my favourite games from years gone by (or at least a modern version), one of the games in my collection that I just can’t stand and also a series of games.

Unsurprisingly the game that I’m most excited about playing again is the classic game.

So far my poll has Worms out in the lead. I played this loads as a kid, especially with my buddy, which means it is not only a game that is fun to play, but it reminds me of enjoyable times from my childhood. Out of the list it may not be my top-3 favourite games but its role in having a good friendship after moving to a new place means it is a great game to be revisiting. I’ll likely be playing a modern version of it, although I have seen the original is available on Steam. Very tempting…

The two other titles looking quite competitive in the poll are Chu Chu Rocket and Crazy Taxi, both Dreamcast games. Chu Chu Rocket is just absurd fun and I can see myself playing it at some point soon anyway. Crazy Taxi may struggle from being dated but that game has had a pretty big impact on my life. Not just the gameplay, but more so the soundtrack with The Offspring and Bad Religion. From this game I fell in love with the two bands and subsequently other forms of punk. It would be really cool to revisit these games, although I’m a bit nervous about getting my Dreamcast working!

vlc 2011-10-10 15-05-05-25It is looking pretty certain that I’ll be returning to a badly photoshopped Manchester for Coronation Street: Missing Hot Pot Recipe. This truly awful game is a pretty tortuous experience. Not only do I not watch or care about the show, but in general I’m not that keen on hidden object games. Less so very poorly implemented hidden object games. Having played through it twice now I’m unsure whether the third time will be worse as I’m suffering the same shite yet again, or not so painful as I’ll understand some of the weird rules

webboxartPersonally I thought playing trials of terrible looking Xbox live indie games would be a more punishing yet interesting choice. When me and my partner are looking for something different to try out we’ll groan and sigh when looking through the list of games. There’s the poor looking clones of great games, terribly made games and worst of all the immature games for people who one day hope to see real boobs.

To be honest I’m just really grateful that none of the Kinect titles are close to winning. That would be painful!

Finally there’s my poll for the series. I have to admit, I’m gutted that the 3D Realms collection fared so badly. It was certainly my pick as I’ve played quite a lot of their games down the years. PC gaming was about FPS and RTS titles and 3D Realms made so many great FPS games. I also loved Wacky Wheels, despite being a rubbish Mario Kart.

vlc 2011-10-10 15-09-49-18Of course the reason why I played Wacky Wheels not Mario Kart is that the consoles that I played the most were my SEGA ones. Having loved my Saturn, Game Gear and Dreamcast, either playing all my Sonic games or SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics will be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Saying that, most of the games from the SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics collection are ones that I never played. I guess that means that should this gain enough votes over the next 4 weeks or so, I’ll be playing some new games as well as revisiting some that I played many years ago.

Sonic-Generations-betaThe Sonic collection will also be a cool one to play as it will include the retro sonic games (as above, I’m pretty sure I can get access to most if not all the megadrive sonic games) plus I really enjoyed Sonic Generations and am a big fan of the two racing games. Hopefully there’s a demo of the Xbox 360 port of Sonic Adventure that I can get as well!

It may be worth mentioning that my partner has a mini SEGA megadrive thing that includes several games. I’ll certainly be playing on this instead of PC ports if I can!

BatmanArkhamOrigins-CompletionBeyond the polls, if I get the time then I’ll likely have a go of one of the Batman: Arkham series of games as they are bloody awesome fun and having a go at completing a few more challenges would be cool. I hated finishing the games with such low completion scores!

I’ve also got a couple of in progress games so maybe I’ll make some progress in Rayman and Alien Isolation (two very different games!). I’ll probably also revisit several more of the games on my classic game list, albeit for shorter periods.

If you’d like to help change the games that I’ll be playing, please do vote in my polls. Also there’s plenty stretch goals still to meet so please donate!

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