Shot of Red Alert 3 – Uprising

I loved the first Red Alert. The next one I played (I’m assuming Red Alert 2) was also pretty good. I assumed when seeing “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising” in my list of Steam games that this would keep me well entertained but in truth I found it a confusing and infuriating experience.

My fond memories of C&C titles were playing the skirmish mode with large tank armies and blowing up enemy bases. In later games I’ve been able to just pick up the games and do the same but the reality was far from this. The mode was there but the game felt very different. There was a much more futuristic and fantasy feel to the game. It was far removed from a World War II setting with some fancy weapons. Back in the old games┬áthere were a lot of very obvious functional units and a few fun crazy ones thrown in, however Red Alert 3 seemed to ramp up the tech to have my┬áplasma blaster annihilator, air strike, wibble wobbly generator etc all charging up as my photon tanks fired lasers at the moon or some shit. (yes I’m making up the names). My point is that all the units seemed special and fancy. Where’s my trusty jeep? Which unit do I pick to go blast stuff? And why the hell do one of the armies build units for buildings, meaning its extra faff for that side to do anything.

This isn’t a sequel or an interesting progression of the series. Although I now understand why there’s not been any new Red Alert titles.

BTW, “Shot of …” will be a new series will mainly be for write a few lines about a games that I’ve played without spending time trying to delve in and understand what I like or dislike about the mechanics and why I dislike it. It will mainly be off the cuff ramblings about an older games that have been revisited or maybe trying out a demo or trial. Perhaps a crummy game that I can’t be arsed revisiting.

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