Castle Ages and economy balancing

Recently I started playing a new mobile game on my commute called Castle Age. Despite being put off initially, I did get into it. One think that still annoys me is the economy.

CastleAgesMonies.pngDespite being a new player, my daily income is over 700,000,000. This is mainly a standing income but I get a fair bit from battles and quests provide a few grand each go. However right now that isn’t enough as to buy better gear I need to be making billions.

Unless your game is about forming mega corp or managing the national debt, billions should not be common place in a game! Maybe the top 1% of players (like real life) dabble in those numbers but for relatively new players, that’s just broken.

It made me wonder why this was the case. Was it intentional from the beginning to increase X% income and expenses for players after Y plays and whilst the formula they used is ok, the starting figures were off and it’s too late to change it now? I’m not convinced by that as my income has grown so bloody quickly. If this was the case then surely adding the high priced items would have been a giveaway.

Maybe I’m just awesome and am nearing the barrier for hardcore and/or paying playing extra early? I very much doubt this!

Perhaps they wanted players to have a sense of huge wealth. The whole “wow look how rich and awesome I am”. I’d kind of hope the player base would be smarter but you never know… The problem is that if you give too much success to a new player, the value is lost. I’m making millions, very exciting. However I can see there’s fights way out of my reach and stuff in the store that I’ll never afford (until next week due to unexpectedly fast financial growth in the game).

Or maybe the devs didn’t put enough thought into balancing economies and didn’t see it as a big deal. To me it does highlight the need for beta testing economies and keeping player funds in check. Wealth should be valued, not “gah I’m only making hundreds of millions”.

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