Dumbfounded by Castle Ages

After moving on from Colony Attack I gave a game called Castle Ages a go, partly because of an interest in medieval and fantasy style games for work reasons. I didn’t last long before giving up!

The game’s UI was very clunky with very little screen space going spare. It was as if they were desperate to fill every last damn pixel. The colours were bold which in a cluttered screen is a little overwhelming and makes it very hard to focus. What am I looking at? What’s going on? I’m confused and scared. Let me go hide in a corner.

There was more to my instant dislike to this game. The quantity of things on screen was a bit much but also when I went to the quests which were much cleaner, I still didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t clear what I was doing or why. The “quests” seemed to be just tapping on things, some scores happened and then it was done. Uh huh. Yawn.

The final issue is the character designs. The female characters are scantily clad, which is just frustrating. It annoys me that some designers feel that “sexy” female characters are required to appeal to male players. Nearly as bad as the terrible game of something advert on TV. The second part of the character designs crappiness is the inconsistency. It seems like the different images are of different characters.

… and this is why I quit the game so quickly. Except for going back to get some screenshots. I then started to¬†understood the game. Oh and now I kind of like it. This is why I like the “Initial¬†impressions” category!

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