Eets Munchies leaves a sour taste

Whilst waiting for a game to download I spotted a game in my Steam collection called “Eets Munchies”. It looked silly and fun so I gave it a go.

Basically it is a puzzle game that looks to be designed for mobile where you have to place objects to guide your rabbit thing through the level, which could be a bit of wall, weird animal to propel you through the air or change your movement plus many more.

As a puzzle game it was pretty good. One issue would be the “fun” but rather vague descriptions of new items. You will need to use trial and error for the first go, which isn’t a big deal but could be better.

I mentioned it seemed like a mobile game. The visual style matched the cutesy fun style that is very prominent on mobile games. What kind of annoyed me was the star system and whole UI having such a strong mobile feel, geared at playing for 2 minutes or so and having a sense of achievement… but fair enough. However what wasn’t forgivable was how the game ran on my laptop. I don’t mean performance, but how it ran as an application. The game window was windowed 1024×768 on my laptop which is a standard 1366×768. This caused issues with the task bar. It does beg the question, did they test this? A commercial title (I assume, can’t remember buying it TBH) that isn’t positioned correctly on a common resolution. I’m surprised they didn’t have the game run full screen on PC!

This was nothing compared to the biggest flaw. I couldn’t actually click on the objects. I had to click below them, which is just a rotten bug. I found it as confusing as hell, trying to drag objects but nothing being selected or moving. I can’t believe that I (probably) paid money for this shite! It reeks of someone with all the GameMaker licenses and just built for all without testing. Fine if free – not if you’re charging. Care should be taken for all platforms that you’re releasing for.

The kind of annoying thing is that this was a nice idea for a mobile game and could also have worked on PC but as the developers seem to have been a bit on the lazy side with the port, it is very underwhelming.

I did want to point out the key flaws in the port through the medium of a video but my cursor wasn’t shown. Ho hum. Here’s the video anyway.

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