Game for the Weekend: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

If you are looking for something to play this weekend, maybe moping because you are all alone on Valentines, then I’d recommend giving “Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons” a go.

brothers_gameinformer_01_bigYou will be controlling two young brothers as they go in search of medicine for their dying father. Cheery story and what not. There are three reasons why I’d recommend picking this game up. First of all the control system is curious and worth giving it a go. Even if you don’t warm to it, I’d certainly recommend giving it a try. Whilst there’s a lack of dialog, which may suggest there’s not much in the characters, you do get to know the two brothers and you do get a bond between them. It can have a feel good factor at times and in particular I liked the cheeky nature of the younger brother. Combined with the lovely environment, the game is very pleasant to play.

Finally… it is free on Xbox 360 thanks to Games with Gold! Be sure to get it before they change game on the 16th.

Just a heads up that the game is very short and you’ll probably complete it in about 3 hours. Still gets my recommendation as for many people that is fine and a 40 hour slog of a game isn’t very well suited to a Game for the Weekend!

Xbox 360 [FREE]

Also available on PC & PS3.


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