Challenge of playing Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon on a mobile

I loved the Guardians of the Galaxy film, especially the characters (plot was a bit meh to be honest), so when travelling over Christmas I decided to do something rare for me – buy a mobile game…. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon.

My initial impressions was that the dragging targeting system was clunky and the UI was a bit awkward on a mobile device. By the second battle I had gotten the hang of it and started to enjoy the game, especially as I started unlocking the rest of the guardians.

SavedPicture-201522221157.pngThe limit of four players is an obvious issue for a Guardians of the Galaxy licensed game. Who do you leave out? Well actually I found that easy – Drax. However when it comes to gameplay, having four characters is too many. The combat area is very confined meaning that you will have characters overlapping and it can be hard to very quickly select the right character and quickly drag to attack, assist a team mate or move to run away from an enemy. The lack of space and relative clunkiness of touch controls (not exactly pixel precision accuracy!) means that this is error prone and can be very frustrating.

The busy nature of the screen also means that it can be hard to keep tabs on everything that is going on. Rather than looking at the individual battles and reacting, everything is a bit of a mess. The other thing is that you defeat enemies, often you need to get combos and special attacks in, which requires pretty constant involvement. When there’s several fights on the go, keeping on top of them isn’t easy and is especially difficult in a busy screen. Of course I could play with fewer characters, but I doubt the game will balance the difficulty to adapt.

SavedPicture-201522221211.pngOne of the things that I find strange is that the actually playing area isn’t too small (although not great) but about a third of the map is unsafe due to traps. As your character will stand there dying in flames, you want to avoid moving anywhere near such dangerous territory.

The game would be much better suited if you the battlefield was a bit larger, especially if they either remove the traps or moved them close to the edge. Reducing the number of players would also improve the game.








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