The “Win button” in Batman: Arkham Origins

I do love Batman: Arkham Origins but as with all games it has its flaws.

One of the new features added to the game is the ability to use Shock Gloves. As well as being a replacement for the electric zappy thing used to power generators in the previous games, it is also very powerful in combat. Many argue it is too powerful.

Not only does it double your combo but it is more powerful and also gets around the need to stun certain opponents before attacking, for example armoured dudes to start a beatdown or those with riot shield so that you can then jump on them. This removes a fair bit of the difficulty from the game, taking a tough fight and giving you a real edge. It is limited in usage and requires you to get a fair few punches in first, meaning it doesn’t make every fight an easy but having a “win mode” does take away some of the skill and satisfaction. Rather than having to use a wide range of techniques you get to mash it up in a tough fight. This is a bit of an odd gameplay addition given that it is unlocked a fair bit into the game which people needing a win button probably wouldn’t make it to.

That said, I don’t ever accidently get myself in big fights and die when I was meant to be going elsewhere any more. Beating the big fights quicker and easier means less repetition and you don’t have cut scenes repeated. It does also look kinda cool, which to me is relevant in a game like Batman: Arkham Origins. You’re not exactly forced to use it either. Unlikely some “super” modes in other games, you manually enable it rather than just going all rawwwrrrrrr!!11!!one!!! and pounding enemies effortlessly.

So yeah, there’s a win button but I don’t mind it. The challenge from my smaller fights may be somewhat mitigated but hey, least I was able to progress through the game. I’d rather having too much of a helping hand than being blocked from progressing – not that it happened in the other games mind!

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