Game for the Weekend: Dungeon Defenders

This week’s game for the weekend is a cross genre game that merges action, tower defence and RPG-lite gameplay.

dungeondefenders2-581x326Dungeon Defenders is an interesting blend of gameplays with the strategic elements of a tower defence game as well as letting you get stuck in with some basic, but fun, action gameplay. This may sound very similar to Orcs Must Die but what I feel gives it an upper edge is that it has a great co-op mode, especially with four players (2 is a bit stretched at times). Then on top of that you have a RPG-lite system with experience, character classes and equiment to buy & upgrade.

There’s some issues, which I’ve discussed on this site in some (too much?) depth. One that I should repeat is that I found it completely overwhelming at first and the tutorial is absolutely appaulling. Stick with it though!

You can pick it up on Steam, PSN and Xbox 360. Possibly other formats but I’m too lazy to check. It is probaly about £10-12, which is dearer than most my Games for the Weekend, but if you’ve been blindly downloading your Games with Gold on Xbox 360 then check whether you still have it! Was free a bit ago.

To read more on the strengths, and mainly the flaws (I find flaws more interesting to ramble about!), check out the following articles:

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