Completing the game

I’m terrible at completing games. I’ve often abandoned games when stuck on a level or after taking a bit of a break I can struggle to to get back in the swing of things. Sometimes it is apathy for the story but enjoying replaying particular levels.

I’ve tried to get myself completing more games over the past few years but it seems that having improved my rate of completing the story mode, my completion rate hasn’t increased. This is due to the rise of games having more side quests and emphasizing collectibles. Completing the story and having stats say that you have less than half the game complete is a bit silly in my opinion.

Side quests and collectibles are great to have, especially in open world games, as they provide diversity and a break from the game, as well as content to enjoy once the story is complete. Their increase in popularity, especially when it comes to getting achievements / trophies, mean that we do crave them and will want to know how much has been done. However we must remember that they are additional content beyond the core game, not (like stats usually show) the bulk of the game. You don’t buy Batman: Arkham Origins to find all the datapacks but instead it is to fist fight with the Joker and take down the other wonderful villains of the DC universe.

I always do some of the content during the game so once the final credits have rolled after 8-20 hours gaming, looking at the stats and seeing that I’ve apparently only completed a small amount of the game is a cruel joke.


So in future when working on games with a game completion stat, please give lots of extra weight to the story as that is the part that matters the most.

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