Batman: Arkham Origins – Predator & Challenges

I do love the Batman: Arkham series and recently got the most recent title, Arkham Origins. I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss some of the changes to the Predator gameplay, some good and some not so good.

There’s been some nice new gameplay items with the remote bat claw (i.e. replacement for line launcher) that allows you to walk above the enemies all sly like as well, and more amusingly, to attach enemies to objects and have them come flying together. Do that with a gas tank and you get a knock out! I found it a bit awkward to control though, like a lot of the game, but the introduction of new takedown techniques are always welcome. Of course there’s the glue grenade but that is just a direct switch with the ice grenade.

Train Hard
Train Hard

What I really like is that is that now the Challenges is that they provided an access point within the Bat Cave, which was quick and easy to access. It probably wasn’t possible in the previous games as there isn’t a specific “home” location within the Arkham City or Arkham Asylum environments.

This has led to me engaging more with the Challenges and more importantly, the training. I do really like the training as it forced me to try more of combat & gadget techniques and combos. Having this type of content within the game world makes a lot more sense to me because when I want a break from the story and fancy taking on a Challenge, going to a place in the world makes more sense than quitting the game! That said, having this content also available from the main menu couldn’t hurt as it is well suited for starting up the game for a quick shot.

The biggest frustration though is that after takedowns and certain actions like opening vents I seem to keep losing Detective Vision and have to re-enable it. After taking someone out, my next thought is always to move away and keep hidden, so it takes away the best way to see the best nearby escape point. This drove me frigging nuts in the final of the many Bane fights!

At the end of a fight I do get the switch to normal view to be all cinematic but mid way through a predator encounter I am still in the thick of it and want the benefits of Detective Vision. As for removing it when I take cover in a vent, well that is just dumb. I don’t see any reason at all to actually change my view. To be honest, I reckon it could be a bug that after an animation the existing view isn’t restored – although how something like that got through I’m not sure.

BatmanArkhamOrigins-Predator Medals
Predator Challenge

The last point is something that I’m more frustrated hasn’t been addressed. In the Challenges you can earn medals by using certain takedown techniques, except at the beginning you just get the names of the medals. Half the time the names are obvious enough, but a few aren’t 100%, especially if there’s any special conditions surrounding them.

Curiously at the end of the challenge you are shown the description. Why not do that at the start? You can access them mid game but that disrupts your progress. It makes a lot more sense to provide you with the information at the beginning and I’m surprised that none of the games have addressed it.

Finally, here’s a video of a Predator encounter. Not my greatest attempt, but hey got all the medals :)

Apologies if I’m talking bollocks about some things being changes… couldn’t be arsed replaying the previous games just to write an article…

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