My 2015 gaming resolution

Over the last year I wanted to start playing games more, complete games more and if possible get this blog on the go more. It never really happened. I now have about 40 new games, of which I’ve played half and made serious progress on just a handful.

In 2015 I plan to play more games and buy a grand total of NONE!

I feel that I’ve lost some of the value of games, especially with F2P on mobile and online sales. Oh its just a few quid, a bargain, so why not buy this game? The fact that I’ll probably not play it doesn’t come in to it. Thinking back, when I was younger I may have had just two or three new games a year, certainly no more than a dozen. I used to cherish games much more than I do now and I kind of miss it. So that’s the gist of my plan. Rather than buying new games I will play the ones I already have. If none on my “to play” pile take my fancy, I play one of my retro games!

So my ground rules are that I cannot:

  • Buy new games
  • Get new free games on my phone, tablets, console or PCs.

However I can:

  • Get free games with Games for Gold
  • Get one game with my next console, if I buy one later on in the year (no need for one now)
  • Be given them as presents ^_^
  • Buy a port of one of my Dreamcast games if I really want to play it but its broken
  • Buy DLC to get extra campaigns etc for games I have – in fact this means I’ve achieved my goal of loving a game!
  • Buy something for research into my game development, which should also be accompanied by a blog (or two) analysing it.

To get me engaging more, I’ll be aming to write at least one article a month. I’ve got a wee app on my iPad to blab away when on the bus and everything, so hopefully that will keep my thinking about games. The Game for the Weekend was a nice idea for blogging, but I’ll maybe try to keep this to one a month – be more reasonable!

Also if I’m bored of a game and it goes back on the “To Play” pile early on then I should write a few words about why.

In summary… my gaming* resolution for 2015 is to play my existing games, write about them and also write about (i.e. justify) why I’m not arsed to finish a game currently on the go. My 2015 will be about cherishing games. I can’t wait!

* My other resolution is to become a better programmer for my job and also game dev.

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