Game for the Weekend: Techno Kitten Adventure!

Oh yes. Techno Kitten Adventure!

Take your kitty on a psychedelic journey in one of the most insane games on Xbox 360. Gameplay will be pretty familiar to anyone who’s played mobile games. You’ll be controlling your character by maintaining their height and avoiding objects. I know, I know, we’ve played than a million times… but have you played as a kitten with a jetpack to some techno music and wonderfully eye-bleeding visuals full of colour, varierty and intensity? No.. well you’re in for a treat.

It isn’t the sort of game that will last you for hours on end but it is a great pick up and play game… a theme in this Game for the Weekend feature.

Get it on Xbox 360 or view the official website for mobile store links. Also check out the Facebook page for more craziness and many cat pictures.

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