Game for the weekend: Tapper

Through my Facebook page for Oxygen Addict I used to do a regular feature where I would post a link to a cheap / free game to have a play. I’ve brought that back and will go a little further by writing about each game.

This week’s is Tapper. I believe it was originally a mobile game (makes sense given the name), however I first played it on the Xbox 360. The 360 version is a schump based on just cubes. On one hand it means the game lacks the beautiful chaos of a bullet hell schump but I found that it has a clean look and quite pleasing on the eye.

There’s not a huge complexity in gameplay with pretty samey enemies but it is quite fun trying to better your score. Like my own X-Orbtek games, you also need to be very nimble as weaving your way in and out of trouble is essential. What I quite like is that you can resize the enemies. At first impressions you might think making the enemies larger is easier to hit therefore it is an easy mode but in practice you will find it harder to dodge the hordes of incoming enemies.

In all it won’t redefine gaming but for $1 or local equivalent, it is worth playing and if you fancy a bit of schump action but without your eyes melting, I’d certainly recommend it.

On mobile it is quite fun as well where you drag the player around and tap on the enemies to destroy them. It isn’t quite as much fun as I don’t think that the movement system worked but it is free so why not have a go yourself?

iOS || WinPhone 8 || Xbox 360 (XBLIG)

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