A return to Crackdown

Recently as part of a 24 hour gaming marathon I started a second playthrough of Crackdown. I’ve completed about 75% of the core game and I would like to say what a fantastic job of implementing repeat gameplay they’ve done.

Often when playing games over, especially when you level up your character, I find it frustrating to go from having everything to having nothing. This is particularly pertinant to getting 100% on a game. During those opening scenes I really don’t care for faffing about with the completionist style aspects to a game but as I play for longer the need for variety increases, in particular with open world games. This is where things like hidden objects and tasks really come into play. Unfortunately with all too many games a new start means everything you’ve done is lost. Who really wants that? Usually when starting over it is because you want to just redo the core mission/story based gameplay. However, in Crackdown you keep all your stats, collected orbs and so forth. Its a nice touch. In particular given the super-human nature of the game. You don’t need to put in all those hours just to be able to jump as high as previous or throw objects as far as in the past.

The other strength of Crackdown is that it doesn’t pad things out. In particular I’m meaning those pointless missions you get in open world missions solely to drive story, like go drive to this person, watch a cut scene then drive elsewhere. You are straight thrust into the action and if you’ve played it before, tracking down the boss locations is quicker. Okay, it was a bit overwhelming when I first played the game but it is an ideal way to let repeat players just crack on with the gameplay.

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