Wet’s falling from a plane sequence left my royally pissed off

I recently wrote a rather positive initial impressions on Wet. However I don’t have quite the same feelings about that game after enduring possibly the worst fucking action sequence ever.

It is your usual falling out of a plane sequence. Nothing new, in about a bazillion other action games. Each of these I find it to be a boring & frustrating sequence as it generally involves figuring out where you’re getting shot from and reacting.¬† Wet is no different. The controls are cumbersome making quick precision aiming a pain. I was not very impressed and just played it to get it done with, which took a couple of goes. Unfortunately with me if I’m not enjoying a game, I’ll be crap at it. If I’m crap at it, I won’t enjoy it. So with this god awful bit, well it wasn’t going so brightly.

Eventually I shot everyone and got a cut scene. Thank fuck it must be over. Oh wait. Now I have to fall through the sky dodging objects. However unlike other crappy sequences like this the camera really doesn’t work as you don’t see down the player’s line of sight and their path, which of course means that its harder to judge positioning and dodging. What made it worse was that the controls were still very slow¬† making it hard to react and make any notable movements. Not so bad for small objects but when they take up two thirds of the screen it can be impossible to get out of the way. Similarly n slow down mode you were pretty much fucked, except it let you realise this more slowly as you nearly snap the thumbstick trying to get the bloody character to move in time. Having the player have to make quick movements with unresponsive controls and precision movement with no line of sight are both wretched combinations.

After finally reaching the end, a few goes in (you need to know the route – or guess it first time), I breathed and sat back to watch the final cut scene. Some guy then came up and killed me before I could get the controller in my hand and button pressed. Back to the start of that shitty sequence then.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like these sequences at all and this one was by far the most poorly implemented that I’ve played. I think what frustrates me even more is that not only is the sequence so utterly shite but it is in complete contrast to the rest of the game, at least that I’ve played so far. Not only was I not getting the gameplay I was hoping for when booting up the game but I got a very poor version that took far too long to complete (albeit partly because I was a little pissed off and took longer than usual). If you want to add variety to the gameplay, ensure it is quality, fits in with the overall gameplay and please less ridiculously long falling sequences. They’re shit. This is the shittest one that I’ve played.

I got an achievement for completing this chapter of the game. It feels well earned but right now Wet is gonna need some good raw slice ‘n dice with fancy gunslinging stunts to get it back in my good books.

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