Loving Wet right now

After a disappointing session with Perfect Dark Zero I decided to spend an hour or two on Wet. I have to admit, if I didn’t have an early start at work tomorrow I could have happily played this for many more hours.

Despite winding me up with a combat setup that involved learning a few things whilst taking on bucket loads of bad guys, overall I found it a very enjoyable experience. The combat is very fast and fluid, combining bullet time and acrobatics very nicely for some rather cool looking kill scenes. I do also really like having the sword, mainly because I love using swords in games, plus it builds up extra cool sequences such as leaping through the air shooting folk, sliding along the ground shooting those bursting through a door then leaping up to slice through a bunch of bad guys.

I can see it getting rather repetitive and I doubt they gameplay will evolve very much. There is an unlock system to gain new moves which may improve things but to be honest, even if it is a bit samey so long as its fun and not too long that’s fine. I don’t believe it is necessarily a bad thing when you know exactly what to expect from a gameplay session. I know that for some raw carnage I can play Wet where I can run and jump around whilst racking up a body count. Perfect for after a frustrating day at the office. The plot probably won’t keep me enthralled, I don’t really care for it right now, but that doesn’t really bother me. I get that she’s a bad ass merc or something and is probably gonna fight a bunch of mob bosses and their minions. Words for me.

I struggle to see why out of the two games I played this evening Perfect Dark Zero is highly rated and Wet is a bit “meh”. Sure, Wet will probably “get old” quicker but least I’m finding it enjoyable enough and want to play it to the extent that it can get old.


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