A short thought on LA Noire

Its been a while since my last post and probably only second or third of the year, mainly because I’ve been busing making my own games. However I’ve just completed L.A. Noire and whilst it is very well done, I have a real bone to pick.

The easiest and most obvious target is probably the interogations where you can pick what you think is an appropriate response (truth, doubt or lie) then your character asks something that you just didn’t expect, or of course knowing you have some evidence but can’t find where to bring it up. Perhaps I could be wanting to discuss how thoroughly dislikable nearly all of the characters were but no, thats not it either. My biggest disappointment comes from the missions and story structure.

I loved solving the murders relating to the Black Dhalia. Lets ignore for a second that possibly the first character you meet, who I wanted to question, turned out to be the killer whilst I was arresting people I knew weren’t guilty. This was a cool series of cases. I was also at the peak of my career. After this it was constant demotions and the big finale was over a fucking property scam. I mean for fuck sake! I fell in love with the game when hunting a serial killer then it fell away somewhat. Maybe its just from my taste in TV shows & films but I was very excited by the prospect of piecing together parts of bigger and bigger serial killers cases. Instead, well it was a let down.

Perhaps I would have been more enthusiastic if during the overarching cases whilst in Vice and later Arson I actually got to pursue the leads far more actively. It is odd that from the first Arson mission its evident that Suburban Developments were behind this yet it was several hours of gameplay later (inc driving about collecting) before I made any major in roads. A bit like the Dhalia case where I had my suspicions for a while, even mentioning them in person to someone who knows the game very well (they didn’t give any spoilers either – impressive!).

All this said, still a great game and would highly recommend. At least play as far as the ending of the homocide cases!

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