Quick look at Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Whilst I meant to take a leave from buying games until I completed more of those that I already have but as a fan of the anime series and an earlier game in the series I couldn’t resist.

I’ve kicked off with the campaigns / story mode, nicely divided up into different character’s plots. I’m part way through Naruto’s (the more recent of the two Naruto storylines) and the fights tie in excellently with some great diversity and array of characters to fight, even if some of the outcomes don’t quite match the original plot! The artwork is fantastic and fans of the show will undoubtably love it. The open world environment has been lost, which is a bit of a shame as it provided a nice change of tempo. However focusing on just the campaigns does help bring in the story.

There is however one thing that I dislike, really dislike. At the end of every fight I tend to unlock about half a dozen items, most of which are pretty trivial that only a small portion of gamers will care about. Normally you’d go “oh cool” when you see a bunch of random things that you’ve unlocked but not when you have to confirm each bloody one. The congratulations screen shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a “feck yeah” moment, especially after an intense fight.

Oh an intense fights… hell yeah. The game is explosive, challenging and looks absolutely superb. Again the game has a very simple control mechanism, meaning that on my first go with the game I can pull of some spectacular looking moves, but skill still has a major influence in the speed and timing of moves, blocking and managing your chakra. I love the speed when everything is fluid and in motion but equally it is very punishing if you’re slightly off the boil up against a tough opponent.

I’m certainly looking forward to playing it again and finally beating that arse Sasuke.

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