A look at PowerUp Heroes

The Kinect has certainly been building up steam with a host of new titles. One of those, PowerUp Heroes, was available on Amazon.co.uk for under £20 so I figured it was worth a punt. From my first play, it certainly was!

PowerUp Heroes is a fighting game based around special suits. To start off with you have one suit giving electrical powers and each enemy has a unique suit that you claim upon defeating them. In addition to a couple of basic moves (projectile & charge), each suit provides three unique moves. These are performed via full body activities in two parts, for example raising your hand and lowering it for a whip or staking stance before unleashing an electrical ball. There’s nice little diagrams to show you what stance to take, although sometimes it wasn’t perfectly clear.

I’ve not had a thorough play yet, unfortunately only single player so far, but what I’ve played so far was pretty good. Its hardly free flowing epic fights but it is fun, especially if you’re a fan of motion games. The characters are distinctive and visually have a real charm to them, although there’s a distinct lack of actual personality. My one issue with the game so far has been in this area. There seems to be very little effort to build a plot around the single player campaign which is a touch disappointing. Normally I wouldn’t fuss but the game’s theme and presentation is crying out for an amusing cliche of a plot. At least having some dialogue from your opponents would do! Instead I feel that the game is wasting some of that visual charm.

So in a nutshell, the game seems really enjoyable from what I’ve played so far. I recommend giving it a go and I can’t wait to have my avatar in powered up local versus fight with a few drinks in us!


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