… and more importantly THANKS! #SKSP

Whilst I’ve learnt about some of my old favourite games and had a real experience taking part in the marathon, the most important thing is the money raised. In total the participants have raised over £17,000, which is quite incredible and no doubt will be of huge benefit to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation and in turn, the young children in hospital and their parents.

I’d like to thank Sick Kids Save Point for organising the event. Its been great to be involved and there was plenty of support on twitter during the event to ensure that I never felt isolated. I hope that I’ll be able to participate again next year! I have to admit, I’m a little over-awed at people’s generosity. Most notably the folk at my clan, Kill Frenzy and the my work colleagues. You guys have made an absolutely massive difference and I really appreciate it! A special shout out to LittleRed as well who has been very supportive. :)

Finally thanks to those who created the great games that I played, as well as the software that I used to record and stream it… much of which was available for free!

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