Making a gamer suffer for a good cause!

Should I raise £150 for my 24 hour gaming marathon, a charity event for Sick Kids Save Point, then I’ll be playing terrible games. To avoid any late panics should there be a last minute donation to hit the target I’m putting up a poll of games that I already have and a few that I can get quickly and without costing more than your average donation. I’m also happy to take suggestions and add them to the poll so if you have a great idea for a game… HOLD YOUR HORSES! Don’t vote yet and instead leave a comment OR contact me on twitter (@develion). I’ll add it to the poll ASAP. Steam games prefered as I can buy them on short notice, although I’ll be confirming the schedule in advance and can try to buy the game then. :)

If people wish for me to try something new and/or very unexciting, get donating!

Some of those titles might surprise people, so here’s a quick summary of why I dislike them (and if possible, a link to show that I’m not trying to get myself playing a game I adore :P)

Alien Vs Predator Classic 2000 – Sorry but I couldn’t get to grips with the game and playing it single player ain’t much fun.

Avatar Fighter –  A novelty that wore off upon loading into the game. Very lacking. [Article]

Avatar Hamster Panic – Dull, frustrating and no variety. Okay with other players but I’ll be on my lonesome! [Article]

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight – Too easy, too easy, yawn, too hard, throw controller. [Article]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – The epitamy of what is wrong with many modern games. [Article]

Child of Eden – Quite painful to play, in more ways than one. [Articles]

Coronation Street – The Mystery of the Missing Hotpot Recipe – Words cannot describe how bad this game is. Oh wait, they can -[Article]

Delta Force: Xtreme – Having failed at making a Battlefield beater with Joint Operations, NovaLogic took the crap parts of JO and stuck them in the Delta Force series.

Drug Wars – Never played it but has a metascore of 35 and is available on Steam. Looks pretty bad tbh.

Ducati World Championship – Never played it but has a metascore of 35 and is available on Steam.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Even Bill Murray can’t save this bland game that runs as smoothly as the Edinburgh tram project.

Guitar Hero II – I don’t have the “guitar”. Controller is dreadful to use and illogically mapped. I barely like any of the songs.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising – I wasn’t a fan of Battlefield when this came out… and this was a rubbish attempt to imitate BF.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – What is black and white and red all over? This pile of shit. [Article]

Kinect Adventures – Exciting adventures such as plugging holes. [Article]

Kinect Joy Ride – Steer right for fuck sake! [Article]

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown – Unfathomably dull with a terrible camera. [Articles]

Ongaku – Iffy controls, annoying sound effects and loss of audio drive me up the wall. [Article]

Outtrigger – A poor arena shooter with dull levels (IIRC).

Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 – Sega’s answer to FIFA was lacking in every department. Can’t see it having held up well with time!

Street Fighter 4 – Some might give me crap for this one but I hate learning moves and you can’t survive this game through button mashing. TBH my dislike of the genre is based on games like this where being new gets you creamed. Not fun. I played it once, maybe twice.

Super Runabout – Supposidly as a Crazy Taxi fan I would love this. IIRC the only thing in common with Crazy Taxi was the physics, except this was just worse.

The Asskickers – Never played it but has a metascore of 25 and is available on their site for download.

UEFA Dream Soccer – Dated when it was released and as dry as football games come.

World of Warcraft – I’ve not a lot of experience with WoW as I really don’t like fantasy games, nor grinding.


The winner of the poll will be streamed live for at least 2 hours. Depending on time available, second and third choice games may get a look in as well. Schedule TBC.

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