Selecting games for my marathon – Please vote!

As my gaming marathon for charity draws closer I am looking to select some good retro games as well as mixing it up with some Kinect titles. So far I’ve settled on Grand Theft Auto as the “headline” game of the marathon with Fruit Ninja Kinect there to keep me active and add towards the video footage with Space Invaders Xtreme on the PSP should I need to leave the room…

Of course that isn’t going to fill 24 hours of solid gaming so I’ve drawn up a shortlist of games to play and would like people to vote! I’ll then play the top two games from the retro poll for an hour, an hour of the top Kinect title and if I hit £150, two hours of the game I’ll hate. I expect that there will still be spare time so I’ll be picking additional games for a short duration. The schedule will be confirmed a few days in advance, although the poll will remain open for games to fill any gaps. You can vote for several games at a time and if you’re passionate about getting me playing a game, feel free to come back another day. Of course if you are passionate about it… please DONATE!


If you have your own suggestions then I’m willing to hear them. Either leave a comment, hit me up on twitter (@develion) or simply vote “Other”. However just to re-iterate, I’ll only be taking playing one of terrible games should I reach the £150 landmark. There’s not long left for me to go out and buy a terrible game so get those donations in sooner rather than later!

Oh yeah, one last thing…



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