de Blob 2 – Seriously, wtf?

I’m not saying wtf to the game, nor the (annoying) voices or plot. However what does leave me rather dumbfounded is the fact that in this colourful open world game, they’ve implemented a timer.

The core underground level gameplay and scripted events, to be honest, aren’t great in de Blob 2. However, what makes the game enjoyable it pottering around the gameworld, trying to colour everything you can. It is quite a relaxing and fun thing to do and as with all open world games, provides some diversity to the gameplay. For some bizarre reason Blue Tongue have decided to rush the player and effectively restrict the opportunity to just play about and have a bit of fun. Having timers on the individual quests is understandable, win conditions and all, but why for the overall game?

Ordinarily in this situation I would complete my mission(s) then in the last while before completing the final objective or two, take the time to explore and complete all the little tasks that I skipped past, following the main direction of the game. However this again isn’t something that the developers seem to want you to do as you can keep going on a relatively low timer, picking up time bonuses along the way. Additionally there’s no indication of your overall progress. This leaves you with very little idea as to whether the 5 minutes on your clock is just enough to complete the game, whether you are running late or actually have a fair bit of spare time.

I’m mainly writing this mini-rant as I’ve got part way through the mission, saw what I thought was the finished and explored for a short while. Upon triggering the “end level” event, it quick saved with two minutes on the clock and unveiled an whole new section of the level. That’s me screwed then!

This sort of situation shouldn’t really be occurring, even if timers are to be used. The player should have a clear indication as to what scale of task is required with their remaining time in order to balance accordingly, especially when your game has a vibrant open world that you certainly do impact upon! What would have been a more appropriate approach would been to have provided individual timers for missions, possibly still using the boosts mid-mission or bridging between stages in mission, then allow the player the freedom to explore when they have another task.

If you really, REALLY want to be an arsehole with poorly designed systems, at least don’t make the levels ridiculously long for the next playthrough.


Source: Xbox 360
Completion: Not very far!

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